About Me

Every girl wants to be pretty, right?  Although the name of the blog is Simply Superficial, I, too, come from the school of thought that true beauty comes from within. We have to have love in our lives for it to show through in the radiance of our smiles.  We have to eat and drink healthy for our skin to behave itself and our bodies to cooperate with the latest trends in fashion.  We, as women, have a lot to work on.  Simply Superficial is a handy dandy guide for living your life with flair.  There won't be any making fun of others in order to make ourselves feel better around here.  At least not to your face.  I kid.

Simply Superficial was created as the bastard child of a sick and twisted love affair of skincare and makeup.  Or a threesome because I'll throw a little bit of health and exercise in along with it.  Although I am not a Makeup Artist by day, I do have Makeup Artistry Certification from MUD in Burbank.  I haven't been lucky enough to make enough money doing that which I love to keep me in the house and city I choose to live in.  I'm also a licensed esthetician, which means I studied the skin and can perform facials for a living- if I so choose.  What can I say, I have an extreme fascination for the beauty industry.

Although I do have some sort of qualifications, please take my reviews and what I say with a grain of salt.  If you haven't already noticed, I like to joke around, also I haven't practiced makeup for a while (other than on my own darn self) and have yet to make a living off it.  So the reviews are from me, my own standpoint, opinions, and may or may not work for you.  I would always recommend going to places that have great return policies just for this reason alone.

I am a newlywed with a lovely new home, a fantastic amazing hubby, and two of the cutest dogs in the world.  Waiiiiit a sec, I am sensing a bit of doubt here.  I know, I know, every damn dog owner claims that their dog is the cutest one of 'em all... so I shall furnish proof.

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We are enjoying the beginnings of our mini family and having a grand old time while we're at it!

Makeup should be the paint in which we ladies color the world... so have fun with it!