Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick- Top Tomato

image courtesy of soap.com

Yes, the packaging does impress.
It’s one of the big reasons I decided to look again while walking pass the makeup selection on my way to buy a Valentine’s Day card for the Hunny.  Ok, ok, so I took the long way around the store to the card selection, what beauty lover wouldn’t?!


In all honesty, it was Jennifer Connolly’s picture that lured me in… those amazing red lips!  I own a few red lippies and was so flustered by her bold lips that I had to stop and take a look-see.  The colors did look amazing… so I picked up a couple.  They were buy one get one 50% off at 11.99 each.
LOL photo courtesy of kissmyblackass.org

I bought Jennifer Connolly’s Top Tomato-a rich true red with blueish-pink sparkly shimmers.  (Dontcha just Love her?!) The color compliments my medium olive skin pretty nicely however I did have a few problems with the formulation.  First off, there is a distinct plastic/chemical plant/paint primer smell that makes me wince as I pull the lipstick wand out of the tube.  This smell does go away however.

The formulation is very thin.  It applies almost like a Benefit Benetint where it’s almost watery in consistency.  Some say one coat is enough while others say layer one thin coat (think nail polish!!) and wait one minute to dry, then layer another coat for true pigmentation to be achieved.
It then sets to a super gooey, sticky, dry finish.  This can be remedied with a lip gloss, another lipstick or lip balm, in my case.  After applying my fave Blistex DCT my lips feel smooth and supple once again.

The color does last, but not the full 12 hours without fading.  It fades pretty evenly IMO, and can be re-applied for more power.

Bottom line:
You don’t need this.  I think I’ll be returning mine.  While I love the energetic pop of color and the amazing packaging, the lipstick itself feels very uncomfortable to wear on its own.  Lasting power is good not great, and I think there are better long lasting lipstick/glosses out there.

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