Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Can Haz a DigiPerm

I KNEW I should have taken pictures, I mean, what kind of blogger am I?  I go to the salon, opt for an expensive new treatment (any treatment is expensive when you’ve got belly-button length hair) and forget my camera?? Sheeesh.  But, instead I will scour the web to find a pic that is pretty similar to what I went through and we shall have a laugh with that.

photo courtesy of balayageatnewlook

So there I was, rifling through J Pop magazines at all the beauties with them luscious curls and holding in place the pages of styles that I liked so the stylist there can have a better idea.. we decided on the medium size curlers similar to the ones in the picture because I wanted more “curls” and not so much “waves”.  Here is the breakdown…

1.  She lightly trimmed my hair (dry) for added layers so the curls can be more bouncy and easily seen.
2. Shampoo with something divine smelling.
3. Sat there with dripping wet hair as she sectioned, and began wrapping my hair in curlers…
  • Each curler needed a thick protective matting between that and my head (they heat up the curlers later)
  • Each curler had another padding between the clamp and my hair (after it was rolled) so there aren’t any funny clamp-curls at the end.
4. She used some sort of solution.. on each of the curlers.. it sort of smelled like bananas.
5. She then attached me to the machine.  Each curler had a groove to which the machine inserted into… enabling the machine to heat each curler individually to the same temperature.
6. After the heating, she applied another solution, waited about 15 more minutes and we were done.
7.  Shampoo, condition and the styling begins.

Styling a digiperm.
Blow dry hair so that it is almost dry. Use curl enhancing creams/gels/etc now.
Curls will appear like the “old fashioned curls” that wave from left to right.
Separate your hair into a few large sections (1, 2, or 4) and twirl around your fingers.
Either continue to blowdry while continuing to twirl  OR
Allow to airdry in place.
Once your hair is completely dry, loosen up the beautiful ringlets.
Here is a video that showcases the technique…
(it’s in Japanese but you get the picture)
It’s been 24 hours and I will update with pictures once I’ve shampood/ conditioned/ styled on my own!!!

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