Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rare Minerals Skin Revival Treatment

rare minerals treatment... photo courtesy of thegloss.com
Due to the glowing reviews… I had to purchase my own stuff and try it on for myself.
From the website:
100% pure RareMinerals ActiveSoil ComplexTM. Extracted from rare, virgin soil, this incredible mineral powder treatment promotes faster cell turnover, reduced pore size, minimizes fines lines, greater moisture retention, gentle exfoliation, and increased skin luminosity. Apply this award-winning treatment before bed to reveal clearer, brighter, smoother skin while you sleep.

Real Results

  • 89% felt their skin was firmer and more resilient
  • 85% felt their skin texture had improved
  • 83% saw fewer imperfections and less visible pores
  • 82% saw clearer skin
  • 81% saw fewer discolorations
  • 68% saw a reduction in facial lines and wrinkles
So I guess the virgin soil (volcanic, I believe I read somewhere) is supposed to do miracles for your skin.  You apply it at night by buffing the powder into your skin-who wouldn’t want to look more fabulous going to sleep? During your little beauty rest, your skin re-charges, re-fuels, and skin cells turnover at a higher rate.  Clear skin, smaller pores, better texture, firmer skin, fewer sun spots, and less wrinkles? GIMME GIMME.
Unfortunately, this product did not work for me so much.  Firstly, I was a bit annoyed by the application- it felt like nothing was being applied to my skin!  The reviews all say a little goes a long way, so I didn’t want to overdo it!!  I couldn’t see really anything different before vs. after application.  Also, (this part makes me want to cry) I broke out or perhaps had an allergic reaction to the miraculous volcanic dirt.  Little bumps erupted all over my face, concentrated in the T zone area.  :(    I feel very left out of the high percentage of women who saw their skin change for the better.  It’s really too bad.
At least there is a silver lining folks.  Since I bought this sucker at Sephora, I can easily go to exchange it for something I’ll really love!  And I did!  Today!!!
Tokidoki was IN DA HOUUUUUSE!  They have their own line of adorably bright cutesy makeup. Seriously, it was too cute for words.  But I refrained…

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