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Perfecting Eyebrows

Eyebrows do a lot.  They are the arches that "frame your face" and the windows to your soul (eyes).  If they are groomed correctly, you appear neat, fresh, and clean.  If they are growing in a wildjungle, all haphazard and sticking out in every which direction, there's no help for you.  Just kidding.  All you need are the right tools and a good idea of the proportions of the eyebrow in connection to your eyes.

Now this picture says it all.  Study it carefully and you can begin to see the eyebrow of your dreams coming through.
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If the above diagram is still unclear, I can summarize it for you.  It might help to buy a cheap white eye liner and follow along, marking the important areas of interest, so that you can have a better image when we're done.

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  • The eyebrow should start lined up from the corner of the nose.Take a pencil or ruler and line it upwards from the nose.
  • The Arch should match up to the edge of the iris (or, your eyeball).
  • The end of the eyebrow should be slightly past the eye.  Line up from corner of nose to the very outer edge of the eye and that point is the ending.
With those 3 measurements you should have the bulk of the eyebrow set in place.  The thickness of the brow and the angle of the arch really depends on your facial structure and your personal style.  Here are some beauties for your inspiration... please note the proportions of the brows and the face on the celebrity.

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I would recommend looking through magazines for brow-spiration and even investing in an eyebrow waxing/threading/tweezing done by a professional.  Then, as your eyebrow grows back slowly, you can attack the growths while maintaining the general shape.  As an esthetician, I would advise you to try threading first, and see if there are any ingrown hairs or strange bumps.  Waxing, though providing a clean result, can lead to wrinkles and saggy skin because it pulls at the skin pretty harshly upon removal.  Every skin care professional I've spoken with always recommend tweezing/threading over waxing.... it's just better for you in the long run. Tweezerman makes an AWESOME tweezer!

If you'd prefer cheating, there are also stencils now that you can place over your own brow and color, then remove the stencil and tweeze the outliers.  The only problem with this method is that they're not necessarily proportioned to YOUR OWN FACE, so you take on a bit of risk...

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I will also do a video on proportions and trimming. 

Making up Brows.

There are all kinds of makeup out there to help you with your brows.  Whether your brows are overtweaked or bushy jungles of mass chaos there's help.

Pencils: are around the longest and generally produce a harsher line than other methods.  Feather the strokes so that the color is distributed to look like real "hair". 

Eyeshadows: are my personal favorite, and when applied with an angled eyeliner brush in a lighter color than your brows, provides a beautiful natural finish.

Waxes: give a great long-lasting finish that looks natural.  Many times cosmetic companies will add a wax as a sticky base, adding powder later to set.

Mascaras: (clear) give a great setting power to whichever method you choose.  Use sparingly!

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Anastasia is a trusted brand in eyebrow grooming and makeup.  I would/have invested in her products and love em!  Play with it, and choose your own favorites.
Remember... practice makes perfect!!

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