Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Perfumes..

Because one of the duly noted privileges of being a girl (woman) is the ability and luxury to smell sweet, pretty, and… well… nice.  We get to explore the magical, special, nostalgic, curious world of perfumes.  Consider this an informative post, because we’ve all got questions and hopefully I can round up some answers.

Photo Courtesy of Sephora

Choosing perfume is akin to choosing your style of clothing.  If you love florals, look for scents with flowers heading the mix.  If you like fruity, lean towards the lighter, splashy scents with notes of your favorite fruits such as watermelon, strawberry, even the more exotic fruits such as passion fruit, which I love.  Test perfumes on your pulse points, and allow the scent to warm up and evolve on your body.  Give it a few minutes, and remember what fragrance went where.  A fragrance can smell very different on two people due to their own personal skin type, diet, and body chemistry.

Simply saying pulse points can leave many people scratching their heads in confusion.  Pulse points are places where the blood vessels are  closest to the surface of the skin, creating heat and acting like little warmers to better diffuse scent.  Where, now, exactly??
  • on the wrists
  • nape of the neck (under and behind ears)
  • crook of arms
  • behind your knees
  • hallow of your throat
  • back of ankles
  • hair
I love spritzing my hair because hair is very porous and therefore absorbs easily.  It’s so lovely to turn your head and feel a bit of breeze with a faint sweet scent of your own perfume.  Leave the men in your scent.  It’s as easy (and as natural) as marking your territory.  Men are very responsive to scents although they lack the abilities to describe what exactly smells “nice”… at least they can appreciate it.

Should carry no further than an arm’s length away.  We should not be able to smell you coming, trust me on this, no matter how good you think you smell, a heady overpowering scent is not attractive.  Plus, there needs to be some incentive for coming closer, no?

Perfumes should lounge in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.  It is precious… it has the ability to sway moods, to enlighten, to bring back memories, and bring joy to one’s life- don’t spoil it by letting it “go off”.  It does have a shelf life, so enjoy it everyday once opened.  It is an easy wearable luxury, allow yourself to be the queen or the princess… everyday!

Sometimes a stronger heady perfume can be perfectly balanced with a light perhaps citrusy fruitier scent.  Try and experiment for yourself.  My favorite daily perfume is a mix of ……..   ah….. you thought I would spill the beans, eh??  Well if I gave THAT up then my scent wouldn’t be signature to me anymore, would it?  So I shall enjoy my own signature scent bubble with my most cherished loved ones and leave you to create your own!

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