Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Faced Smokey Eye Palette

photo courtesy of dermstore

I am officially loving this palette.  I began with the Day Smoke colors and wasn’t too impressed with the colors… I felt the darkest shade was too light for a true smokey eye.   It has a pearlized sheen to it that appears a LOT lighter than it looks in the palette above.  Also the lightest shade, Cream, was a bit too white for my liking.  It creates a sort of look that is reminisce of drag queens caught in sunlight the morning after a rough night.   Haha, well, maybe not that bad, but you get my point.

However today I am sporting the Fashion Smoke colors and I got to say… not bad.  The blendability is wonderful, with true “smokiness” in gradients that you are able to layer on if you want more impact.  The navy blue color (Midnight) looks wonderful with olive skintones, however the green can sort of wash out the blue, so just re-apply and blend blend blend!  The Sugar Cookie is a wonderful base color just a hint lighter than my true skintone and sets off the other colors beautifully and vibrantly.  I dashed on just a tinge of the drag queen Cream for a hint of sparkle- but don’t get carried away… it IS day makeup.

I am loving this palette, and if you are a somewhat seasoned makeup fiend like myself, the instruction cards are crud.  But this is a decent palette with blendable colors that are somewhat lighter to medium pigmented to allow you to build up the color or “smoke it out”.  I am very happy with the variety of colors here as a basic smokey eye kit, and the many different looks you can achieve!
Two thumbs up!

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