Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FOTD Naked Palette-Nice and Natural Look

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What better way to jump off my first Face of the Day than with the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette?  The gorgeously rich and beautifully pigmented colors seem to be a staple in every makeup lovers drawer.  Today, I wanted to do a simple nude everyday look that anyone can pull off.  It seems only proper to do something universal as my first FOTD, oui??

For the Eyes:
I used Urban Decay Primer Potion (depotted because I’m not very patient).  I like to scoop some out of the tiny pot with a palette knife- yes, the same one that artists use for mixing their paints, because that’s how I feel makeup to be… artistry. Spread the primer potion with a synthetic brush (not of natural animal hair) so that it forms a light but even layer.

Darkhorse applied with the brush that came with my palette from lashline to crease.
Sidecar and naked (both) to blend out any harsh lines.
Sin to highlight my browbones.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24 h in 01 black to line my upper lashline. Darkhorse and a bit of Mac Carbon to line my lower lashline.  I don’t curl my lashes nor put on mascara- I don’t see it making that much difference plus I think it’s too high maintenance and uncomfortable fooling around with my mascara all day.  Plus I noticed that when I do wear mascara the lashes curl too high and I look too “dolly” and things fly into my unprotected eyes a lot.

horrible blending job, but, it'll do.

For the Cheeks:  I used Smashbox smashing shimmer to highlight and Clinique shimmering tones powder in 01 golden bronze, as a bronzer to sculpt my cheekbones a bit. I do use the number 3 trick with my bronzer: side of forehead down the cheek and down the jawline (like an inverted 3) It makes the bronzer look a bit more natural as the sun would usually hit your face in these areas.

For the Face:  I used Nanoce BB moist cream.  It is a medium coverage BB cream that is just a tab bit too light for my skin (hence the bronzer) but has great coverage and still seems to look natural.  It feels amazing on and never causes my skin to react or break out.

For the Lips:  nothing.  Oh, a bit of Blistex DCT (daily conditioning treatment) because I’m addicted to the stuff.  That is my natural lipcolor.  I’ve had girlfriends tell me they wish they had this lipcolor naturally and I’ve had little kids come up to me and straight up ask me “why are your lips BLACK???” so there are ups and downs in life, people.

And then I felt my lips were too empty so I pulled out my NYX snow white and BLAM!

because I can! you would too if you had one THIS cute :) 

So, peoples, which look do you prefer?

The soft and demure everyday brown smoky eye coupled with a light lip or a Go Big or Go Home Red lippie??  I think I prefer the first look.  On another note, for all you Jersey Shore watchin peeps, I GTL’d today.  Seriously, I had purchased a 4 pack of tan for the wedding and only went once so I had to go and use up another 15 min session.  It is amazing how much darker you can look in 15 minutes!  I’m only a little scared of being completely addicted to it, so after this 4 pack is over, I’ve decided not to buy another.  I tan pretty easily with a little 15 spf sunscreen, so it’s not like I need to go to the tanning salon.  It’s just scary imagining all the damage you’re doing to your skin in that loud, crazy, futuristic, cancer box.  Eeek.  But in other news, I’m lovin my tan!

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