Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make Up For Ever HD Powder

Wow.  That pretty much sums up my experience today with this silky-smooth ultra fine slightly-mattifying loose powder.  It.  Is.  Awesome.

Fresh from the hurt of not being able to buy the Urban Decay Alice In the Wonderland Kit ( :( waaaah! sold out at sephora and ulta stores around me) I decided to take another look see at the makeup I do have in my kit.  It’s weird, but I never tried this after purchasing it- it reminds me of the setting powder from my days of makeup school at MUD in Burbank.  I figured it can’t be bad.  It’s grrrrreat!  I love it…

Why?  It’s an excellent finishing powder.  Dust this baby on after you’re done with your eyes, foundation and blush- it sets everything perfectly, seamlessly.  All your hard work won’t be erased… no… your blush still looks vibrant, eye makeup beautified… without settling into your pores or making things appear anything short of lovely!

And the  HD really works!  I took pics with my canon xsi AND my iphone and my makeup looks flawless!  It evens your complexion and lends a silky fine softening effect that leaves you glowing!  The company states that, “new line of lens-tricking product that’s enhanced with silica micro beads that act as mini light refractors, veiling imperfections and giving a luminous “soft focus” effect.”
It suits every skintone?  Everyone, you ask?  Even darker pigmented or olive-toned skin?  Yep. 
Everyone.  It gives every skintone a wonderful light refracting perfect finish.

***Update***  Awwww…. I LOVE this powder but I think I’m allergic.  I got a huge hive on my chin as soon as I put this on! But I love the look so much I’ll try it a few more times just in case :)

***Update #2*** Decided this made my skin a bit too ashy, or pale looking

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