Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blue Heaven Kajal

In 05′ I attended esthetician school in Temple City.  I was lucky enough to attend class with a great group of women with similar tastes, habits, and preferences as me.  Being that we were into skincare, makeup, and other health and beauty-related girly stuff, we traded many secrets and tips with each other, having accumulated much over the course of our beauty years.

One of the said secrets I found through a friend, Shala, is kajal.  Pronounced Ka-hal, and used in India as a means of protecting the eye from the glares of the sun and also to bring good luck and general eye health.  She had told me she would be going “home” and I specifically asked if she could purchase a  kajal for me.  She brought me one.  It was in a red tube and gave me a smoldering sexy dark eye- perfect because the only thing I love on my eye is smokey!

What you do is use the pointy side to rim your tear lines (upper and lower).  Traditionally done by closing your eyes and running the sharp point of the kajal side to side across your eyes in a wiper motion- going from one corner of the eye to the other.  The only drawback was that when I would inevitably tear, the kajal would run.  Not SUCH a biggie, as you can set the kajal with an eyeliner pencil (or brow pencil) and some black shadow powder.  Also, magically, a light-colored eye “boogie” would appear at the inner tear duct areas. Pretty gross, I tell ya.

I lost my beloved kajal so I set out looking to buy another.  I googled and found Blue Heaven to be a number one brand in India and voila! just so happens that some very nice lady sells them on ebay for about $4.00 USD including shipping!  I can’t wait to get this baby in the mail and start sporting some seriously sexy dark eyes everyday again- like it ain’t no thang!
well… maybe not Everyday :)

*update*: this stuff did NOT stay on.  It feels like you’re trying to smear hard, cold, leftover engine grease (in stick form) on to your inner rims.  The smell is awful… smells like a hint of chemicals and strange herbs.  After wearing this stuff for a few minutes, the kajal begins to migrate underneath your eyes, creating black shadowy bags.  NOT ATTRACTIVE!  It has no staying power whatsoever, and I don’t think setting it with eyeshadow would help.  I’m tossing this into the trash… seriously wasted $4.oo but thank GOD it wasn’t more for the piece of crap.

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