Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fishtail Braids

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Fishtail braids are SO IN right now… and, amazingly easy to do!  The best part about the fishtail braid is that you can very easily practice on yourself to get things “perfected” before moving on to doing your whole head in sort of a french fishtail braid.
Start: by separating your hair into two sections.
Take a bit from the left side add to the right side.
Take a bit from the right side and add it to the left side.

*Note: you always have a total of two sections.  You are simply taking pieces of one and borrowing it to the other side.  And vice versa… One section in each hand is easiest for me.

Couldn’t be more easy huh?  It’s funny, the messier the braid- the sexier your fishtail will look!  So practice (or not!) your way into the perfect messy undone, oops-I-didn’t-try-so-hard fishtail braid.  I don’t know why exactly this braid technique is coined “fishtail” it looks more like a fish “bone” to me.
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Perfect for the mild spring weather!  A unique braid which oozes sexy and  disheveled messiness.  Wrap the ends with a clear non-snagging rubber band and wrap and secure with a pretty ribbon or a piece of your own hair for the perfect polish.  Trust me on this ladies, this is the regular braid’s older, sexier cousin, fresh off the catwalks of Paris heading straight for the nearest beach!  Slide into your bikinis ladies and grab your leather sandals, pucker on a some fresh lip gloss and you’ll be set!

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