Wednesday, April 13, 2011


After my workout and lunch today, I decided to take the dogs outside and lounge in the yard.  So, I lubed up with sunscreen and proceeded to get a tan.  One caveat, the weather was TOO NICE!  A perfect balmy 76 degrees with a gentle breeze cooling me down nicely.  It didn’t really get hot enough to get a nice tan so I just enjoyed the perfection that is our Californian weather.  Wherever I go out in the world (minus Hawaii, oh… and bahamas) I always miss home.  :) 

On another note, I don’t seem to be losing any weight!  I notice that there is more tone and definition in my abs and arms, and my face looks a bit slimmer overall, but the number on the damn scale isn’t changing much.  It gives me great displeasure to come to the conclusion, then, that I should probably be changing my diet.  Overindulging in carbs isn’t healthy and I know it.  I need to come off the idea that I need to eat such uniquely large portions in order to feel satisfied.  (I can eat a variation of noodles for every day of the week!)  So, I’m going to start watching what I eat and to try my best to monitor and keep to some sort of healthy eating schedule.

I’ve been pushing myself to be more healthy for so long now… I want to see more of a difference, I deserve to see more!  It would be wonderful to finally hit that magic number of 110.  Aaahhhh… so neat and compact looking eh??

Check out her abs!  Her toned legs!  I’m sure she works out all the time and spends her meals munching on leaves and grains but …  *sigh* might it be worth it?  In the words of kate moss,

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”
Oh really?

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