Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I died... and Gone to Hello Kitty Heaven!

Truly…. is there anything better than Hello Kitty?  Or makeup for that matter?  Combine the two, add a spritz of cute, and a splash of awesome and you have the unique birthchild of pink girly amazing goodies.  Available at sephora for a limited time, Hello Kitty is taking over!   I don’t know about the pigmentation or quality of the makeup but we have to all nod our heads together in agreement that these items are beyond CUTE~!  I purchased the Brush Set, the Bling Mirror, and the Handheld Mirror this morning online.  SHhhhh… don’t tell future hubby.  I’ll wait to test out the other items in the store.  I’ve heard some pretty raving reviews about the perfume! :D   SO EXCITED!!

All photos courtesy of Sephora.com.

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