Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pink's Magic Lash

Advertising for this damn mascara thingy has finally gotten the better of me.  Damn it!!!  As my girlfriends know, I don’t give two hoots about lashes.  Because I’ve never owned any.  Ok, ok, I’ve got some.  Short, stick straight, forget-me lashes I do have.  They are not worthy of mascara, believe me.  Although, I’ll say my lashes do look quite nice if I take the time to curl and primp and coat with mascara then heat the curler and curl some more.  This process brings beads of sweat to my forehead and tears to my eyes (literally).

So, more often than not, I just simply forget them.

Unless I’m going for broke and dead-set on looking fabulous, to which I stick on some falsies.  Easy enough I guess, and the instant gratification part is always nice.  What?  You got no lashes, poor little girl?  Sprinkles some pixie dust, mystical flower fragrance, and BAM!! in the words of Emeril- you’ve got lashes.  Want’em? Got’em.  How easy is that??

Well girls, (you girls out there without lashes, like me) we may have reason to hope.  Yes, HOPE is a mighty strong word.  Hope springs forth a chance for changes, of endless possibilities, of being beautiful….. Yup, all this for $160 a tube. 

Pricey eh?

Apparently there are two pricing options for the two different tubes.  The PINK tube is $120 at 3.0ml per tube.  The saleslady (who had magnificent real lashes) strongly pushed the one she used, the WHITE tube,  $160 at 4.0 ml per tube.  The white tube is a higher concentration of the original (pink) formulation.  She says her results took about 5 months of continued usage.  She repeatedly advised against on-off usage, stating that the best results come with nightly use. 

  • Shake the tube gently
  • Dip and apply to the upper eyelash line with eyeliner-type brush.
  • Dip and apply to the lower eyelash line
  • Replace lid and make sure it’s screwed on tightly
  • If you need to look fabulous in a hurry: use serum twice daily (morning, night) for the first 10 days.
  • After lashes reach desired appearance, decrease usage to 3 x’s a week, then stop using.
Bet you’re shaking your head huh?  How bout if I told you I scored a Mother’s Day special at 20% off AND scored 6 free facial masks!  I got the concentrated (white tube) serum at $128 including tax.
I’m really really really REALLY excited to try this out!  I shall rave rave rave if this magic does indeed work on me… maybe I’ll even do a before/after if I’m feeling daring?!  Tonight marks day 1.

** Update** It’s been 10 days and I’ve used morning and night.  The directions say at this point I’m to use it only once a day at bedtime.  I haven’t noticed thicker/longer lashes yet but remain hopeful that with all this attention and care it’d only be a matter of time before I have the look of wearing “falsies” like the sales lady did.

** Update ** It’s been a month and I’ve used nightly… starting to see some single stray lashes come out from above my normal lash line… exciting! Overall not much difference, maybe a bit “fuller” appearance but no noticeable difference in length.

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