Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pit Fat Pitfalls..

Yeah… you read right… as in ARMpit fat.

While working out can drastically reduce one’s overall health and reduce body fat and weight, we are now learning that sometimes… that is not enough.  Yes, when your body fat decreases, you appear leaner and that enables your toned muscles to shadow its way through.  Some fatty places, are here to stay.

Now Maria Sharipova is a superstar athlete and the Beautiful Face representing a multitude of big names… but she still has a teensy weensy bit of protruding pit fat.  It is attempted to be hidden in this pic- unsuccessfully, to a pit fat spotter like me.   It’s sad that super stars/celebrities even fall prone to this type of thing!  Some people call it “escaped boobage” some people call it fat.  There are exercises I found online to fight this type of fat and to activate the muscles in the area to tone up, including inclined bench press, butterfly press, etc… but these pockets of fat are really REALLY hard to make disappear.

Ultra glamorous hollywood vixen Katherine Heigl cannot escape the wrath of the pit fat attacks!  *sigh*  Do we average girls even stand a chance??  Are we left to master the arts of photoshop in order lessen the damage in pictures and use pashminas and scarves in new creative manners to cover up??  Even little girls are susceptible!

What if it is escaped boobage?

Well, in order to stay informed, I did a bit of research on that too.  There is a theory out there, I’ll give it the name:  “wrong bra theory” the theory states that: most women are wearing wrong fitting bras.  These bra cups are too small and the bands are too loose.  (Even when fit by a professional… btw… those old ladies at the bra counter at Macy’s are NOT professionals- they just stayed there too long)  

The cup should be wide enough to go around your entire boob.  You should bend over, scoop your underarm fat “escaped boobage” up and over into the cup, and there should be no spillage or “double booby syndrome” where it looks like you have a total of four boobs.  There should be no spillage.  The band should be tight enough to support your bubbies on its own (without the strap) and the straps should just be leverage- angling them up towards the right direction. Supposedly, finding the right bra and continued wearing of the bra will eliminate the pit fat in as little as a month or two and INCREASE your bra size by one cup!  Hip Hip Hooray!

So Obviously, I’ve been inspired to navigate my pit fat back into my boobs!  The aforementioned website also claims that if left unaided, the problem can migrate to your back.
The pit fat can move towards your back creating really unattractive nasty rolls in your back!

Photo Courtesy of walmart

Do you really want to do that to yourself?  Get to measuring… get to a quality bra shop and make sure the underwire cups go around your breast nearly to your underarm… and TUCK IT IN!

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